Robot Wrangling
The Plan or How I make my Life more Complicated
  1. To film Roller Derby
  2. To learn how to shoot fast action in low light using a fast zoom lens
  3. Teach the Intern how to record audio from the interviews using a boom
  4. Teach myself how to keep critical focus more consistant.

How to make it more complicated

  1. Build a small dolly system for match move tracking of the girls (this one requires the help of someone with more skill in the manly arts of building shit. aka Nick)
  2. Use The Foundry: Camera Tracker plugin for titling 3D positioning in After Effects
  3. Put my new found knowledge into use with Color Grading using Red Giant Colorista II
  4. Try and do something interesting with RE:Vision Effect’s - Twixtor Plugin
  5. Make it look and sound good

I think that is about it. Not sure if I can do all of it, but I’ll give it a damn good go.

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