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What is Supanova?

I am the technical director of Supanova Pop Culture Expo and figured it was the best place between running around like a headless chicken to practice shooting. Lots of fun happens at the shows and I got to shoot in 4 different cities over 3 months. My idea was to get more of a behind the scenes look at the show as every man and his dog shoots their take on Supanova and posts it on YouTube. While I have a lot of footage from behind the scenes, it wasn’t till I actually got interviews in Perth that I realised I had some gold and a very different short that I intended to make.

I could cut a few different styles of video out of the hours of footage I had, but what hit me is that most people make videos about just the show they went to. So I decided to make a video which is more general but have people describe what they thought Supanova is. Add a heap of B-Roll and costumes and you have my end result.

The biggest issue I had with the edit was that the footage I took at the beginning of the tours isn’t as well shot as the later parts. This is because I had made two other videos between tours (Tasmanian Roller Derby & Heart Kids Tasmania) which evolved my skills quite a lot. This is why there is much more footage from Sydney/Perth than Brisbane/Melbourne.

The interviewee include:

  • Tom Taylor
  • Amy Acker
  • Sean Maher
  • Neil Kaplan
  • David Nykl
  • John Robertson
  • Kieran Duke Burns
  • Gareth David-Lloyd
  • Corin Nemic
  • Julie White
  • + Voxs Pops

I am fairly happy with the outcome. My color grading is better than my last attempts. The one thing I have learnt while editing/grading is that cutting from inside to outside shots are really hard to match up and look natural. I also realised that I really need to get a constant f-stop zoom before shooting at another Supanova. I also want to get a motion graphic created for Supanova for all our video assets. 

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